Part Details
  • 5mA Output Current Capability
  • Laser Trimmed to High Accuracy: 10.000V ±1.0mV
  • Low Temperature Coefficient: 1ppm/°C
    (L Grade)
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • Excellent Long Term Stability: 25ppm/1000hrs.
  • No Heater Utilized
  • Small Size (Standard 14-Pin
    DIP Package)
Additional Details
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The AD2710 and AD2712 are temperature-compensated, hybrid voltage references which provide precise 10.000V output from an unregulated input level from 13.5 to 16.5 volts. Active laser trimming is used to trim both the initial error at 25°C as well as the temperature coefficient, which results in ultra high precision performance previously available only in oven-regulated modules. The 1.0mV maximum initial error and 1ppm/°C guaranteed maximum temperature coefficient of the AD2710L and AD2712L represent the best performance combination available without using ovens or heated substrates for temperature regulation.

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