Features and Benefits

  • Very High Accuracy: 10.000 Volts ±2.5mV
    (L and U)
  • Low Temperature Coefficient: 3ppm/°C
  • Performance Guaranteed -55°C to +125°C
  • 10mA Output Current Capability
  • Low Noise
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • Available as /883B

Product Details

The AD2700 family of precision 10 volt references offer the user excellent accuracy and stability at a moderate price by combining the recognized advantages of thin film technology and active laser trimming. The low temperature drift (3ppm/°C) achieved with these technologies can be matched only by the use of ovens, chip heaters for temperature regulation, or with hand selected components and manual trimming. In addition, temperature-regulated devices are guaranteed only up to +85° operation, whereas the U- and S-grade devices in the AD2700 family are guaranteed to +125°C.

Product Lifecycle icon-not-recommended Last Time Buy

All products in this family will be obsolete soon. Please contact ADI Sales or Distributors to arrange for final purchases and read our Obsolescence Information to review the time periods for placing final orders and receiving final shipments.