Features and Benefits

  • Virtualizes up to 32 channels of I2S/TDM audio, I2C control, and phantom power on a single twisted pair
  • High bandwidth (50Mbps) digital bus
  • Flexible configuration. Channel count, sample rate, and sample resolution is highly configurable as long as total bandwidth is within 50Mbps limit
  • Single-master, multiple-slave, line topology
  • Embedded diagnostics
  • Fully configurable via SigmaStudio graphical design environment
  • Support for upstream and downstream audio channels
  • System cost reduction using low-cost UTP cable
  • Daisy chaining supported with zero processor overhead
  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • See data sheet for additional features

Product Details

The Automotive Audio Bus (A2B™) provides a multi-channel, I2S/TDM link over distances of up to 10 meters between nodes and up to 40m end-to-end. It embeds bi-directional synchronous data (for example digital audio), I2C control, clock and synchronization signals, and phantom power onto a single differential wire pair. A2B supports a direct point-to-point connection and allows multiple, daisy chained nodes at different locations to contribute or consume time division multiplexed channel content. A2B is a single-master, multiple-slave system where the transceiver chip at the host controller is the master. It generates clock, synchronization and framing for all slave nodes. The master A2B chip is programmable over a control bus (I2C) for configuration and read back. An extension of this control bus is embedded in the A2B data stream allowing direct access of registers and status information on slave transceivers as well as I2C-to-I2C communication over distance.


  • Audio communication link
  • Conference room microphone/speakers 
  • Professional audio equipment interconnect 
  • Board-to-board interconnect (ribbon cable replacement where multiple I2S are needed)
  • Communication network for:
    • Microphones/ speakers
    • Sensor/actuator
    • I2C Peripherals
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