Features and Benefits

  • 18-Bit Resolution
  • Low Nonlinearity
    Differential: ±1/2LSB max
    Integral: ±1/2LSB max
  • High Stability
    Differential TC: ±1ppm/°C max
    Integral TC: ±1/2ppm/°C max
    Gain TC (with Reference): ±4ppm/°C max
  • Fast Settling
    Full Scale: 40µs to ±0.00019%
    LSB: 6µs to ±0.00019%
  • Small Hermetic 32-Lead Triple
    DIP Package
  • Low Cost

Product Details

The AD1139 is the first DAC offering 18-bit resolution (1 part in 262,1441) and true 18-bit accuracy in a component size hybrid package. A proprietary bit switching technique provides high accuracy, speed and stability without compromising small size or low cost.

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All products in this family will be obsolete soon. Please contact ADI Sales or Distributors to arrange for final purchases and read our Obsolescence Information to review the time periods for placing final orders and receiving final shipments.

Tools & Simulations

Precision DAC Error Budget Tool

The Precision DAC Error Budget Tool is a web application that calculates the DC Accuracy of precision DAC signal chains. It shows how the static errors accumulate throughout your signal chain to quickly evaluate the design tradeoffs. Calculations include the DC errors introduced by Voltage References, Operation Amplifiers and Precision DACs.

Precision DAC Error Budget Tool