Low-Power Ethernet Coaxial Transceiver

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Industry's Only Available 10BASE2/10BASE5 Ethernet Transceiver

Part Details
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Compliant with Ethernet II, IEEE® 802.3, 10BASE5, and 10BASE2
  • Integrates All Transceiver Functions Except Signal and Power Isolation
  • Innovative Design Minimizes External Component Count and Power Consumption
  • Jabber Timer Function Integrated On-Chip
  • Externally Selectable CED Heartbeat Allows Operation with IEEE 802.3-Compatible Repeaters
  • Squelch Circuitry at All Inputs Rejects Noise
  • Power-On Reset and Test Modes
  • Advanced BiCMOS Process
Additional Details
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This transceiver provides the interface between the single-ended coaxial cable signals and the Manchester-encoded differential logic signals. Primary functional blocks include the receiver, transmitter, collision detection, and jabber timer. This IC can be used in either internal or external MAU environments.


  • Legacy Applications
  • Telecom Backplanes and Interconnect

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