Dual-Channel OC-3/STM1-1e/E4 LIU

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Highest Integration and Lowest Power LIU for STM-1e/E4

Part Details
  • ITU-T G.703-Compliant Cable Driver for 139.264Mbps or 155.52Mbps CMI-Coded Coax Transmission
  • Integrated Adaptive CMI Equalizer and CDR in Receive Path Handles Over 12.7dB of Cable Loss
  • Serial LVPECL System Interface with Integrated CRU in Transmit Path for Flexible NRZ-to-CMI Conversion
  • 4-Bit Parallel CMOS System Interface with Master and Slave Tx Clock Modes
  • Selectable LVPECL-Compatible NRZ Media Interface for 155.52Mbps Optical Transmission
  • Configurable Through Hardware Control Pins or 4-Wire Serial Port Interface
  • Compliant with ANSI T1.105.03-1994; ITU-T G.751, G.813, G.823, G.825, G.958; and Telcordia GR-253-CORE for Jitter Performance
  • Receiver Loss-of-Signal (LOS) Detection Compatible with ITU-T G.783
  • Operates from a Single 3.3V Supply
  • Standard and Thermally Enhanced 128-Pin JEDEC LQFP Package Options
Additional Details
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The 78P2352 is Teridian's second generation line interface unit (LIU) for 155Mbps SDH/SONET (OC-3, STS-3, or STM-1) and 140Mbps PDH (E4) telecom interfaces. The device is a dual-channel, single-chip solution that includes an integrated CDR in the transmit path for flexible NRZ-to-CMI conversion. The device can interface to 75Ω coaxial cable using CMI coding or directly to a fiber optics transceiver module using NRZ coding. The 78P2352 is compliant with all respective ANSI, ITU-T, and Telcordia standards for jitter tolerance, generation, and transfer.


  • Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs)
  • Central Office Interconnects
  • Digital Microwave Radios
  • DSLAMs
  • Multiservice Switches

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