Smart Card Interface

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The 70S80xx Family of Smart Card Interface ICs Offers Best-in-Class Performance with Flexible Package and Supply Options

Part Details
  • Compliance with Key Standards:
    • Compliant with ISO 7816-3, EMV 4.0, and NDS
  • Full Synchronous Card Support:
    • External Synchronous Clock Input Available
  • Multiport Support:
    • Chip Select Controls Some Internal Latches on the Digital Inputs
  • VCC Card Generation:
    • Selectable 3V or 5V
    • Supports a Card Current Up to 100mA
    • DC-DC Converter (Requires an External Inductor) with High Efficiency (> 80%)
Additional Details
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The 73S8023C is a single smart card interface IC, compliant to the electrical requirements of ISO 7816-3, EMV 4.0, and NDS electrical specifications. The host processor handles handling the ISO 7816 UART and associated protocol layers. The 73S802x chip family has a card activation and deactivation state machine that can be managed by the host. Hardware fault detection includes smart card extraction, true card overcurrent, VCC card voltage monitoring, and power system supplies voltage monitoring and die overheating. The 73S8023C implements a step-up converter (utilizing an external inductor), and the IC requires a single +3.3V standard power supply. It is firmware compatible with the industry-standard TDA8024, while offering significant advantages in terms of both performance and cost. The 73S8023C is also firmware compatible with the former TDA8002 circuit, widely used in POS and payment terminals.


  • Digital Set-Top Boxes
  • General-Purpose Smart Card Readers
  • Integrated Digital TVs
  • Payphones
  • Personal Video Recorders
  • POS Terminals

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