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Models 2B30 and 2B31 are high performance, low cost, compact signal conditioning modules designed specifically for high accuracy interface to strain gage-type transducers and RTD's (resistance temperature detectors). The 2B31 consists of three basic sections: a high quality instrumentation amplifier; a three-pole low pass filter, and an adjustable transducer excitation. The 2B30 has the same amplifier and filter as the 2B31, but no excitation capability.

Available with low offset drift of 0.µV f C max (RTI, G = 1000V/Y) and excellent linearitY of 0.0025% max, both models featUre guaranteed low noise: performance (1µV p-p max) and outstanding 140dB common mode rejection (60Hz. CMV=±10V, G = 1000V/V) enabling the 2830/2831 to maintain total amplifier errors below 0.1% over a 20DCtemperatUre range. The low pass filter offers 6Od8/decade roll-off from 2Hz to reduce nonnal-mode noise bandwidth and improve syStem signal-ta-noise ratio. The 2B31's regulated transducer excitation stage featUres a low output drift (0.015% °C max) and a capability of either constant voltage or constant current operation.

Gain, meer cutoff frequcncy, output offset level and bridge excitation (2B31) arc all adjustable, making the 2B30/2B31 the industry's most versatile higb-accuracy transducer-interface modules. Both models are offered in three accuracy selections, J/K/L, differing only in maximum nonlinearity and offset drift specifications.

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