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Wide Bandwidth Strain Gage Signal Conditioner

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Part Details
  • Low Cost
  • Complete Signal-Conditioning Solution
  • Small Package: 28-Pin Double DIP
  • Internal Half-Bridge Completion Resistors
  • Remote Sensing
  • Programmable Bridge Excitation: +4V
    to +15 V
  • High Accuracy
    Low Drift: ±0.25µV/°C
    Low Noise: 0.3µV p-p
    Low Nonlinearity: ±0.005% max
    High CMR: 140dB min
    (60Hz, G=1000V/V)
  • Adjustable Low Pass Filter:
    fc=10Hz to 20kHz

Additional Details
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The 1B31 is a high performance strain gage signal-conditioning component that offers the industry's best price/performance solution for applications involving high-accuracy interface to strain gage transducers and load cells. Packaged in a 28-pin double DIP using hybrid technology, the 1B31 is a compact and highly reliable product. Functionally, the signal conditioner consists of three sections; a precision instrumentation amplifier, a two-pole low pass filter, and an adjustable transducer excitation.

  • Measurement of: Strain, Torque, Force, Pressure
  • Instrumentation: Indicators, Recorders, Controllers
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Microcomputer Analog I/O
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