MeasureWare Designer

Select, design and optimize your own unique measurement solution quickly with MeasureWare Designer.

MeasureWare Designer is an online tool which allows you to easily select and customize a measurement solution for your specific application. The solution includes a hardware platform, sensors for your measurements, and a customized design file to control the measurements as per your requirements.

Launch MeasureWare Designer

MeasureWare Designer from Analog Devices
MeasureWare Software Studio from Analog Devices

Features of MeasureWare Designer

Your measurement solution customized and purchased in minutes!

  • Step 1: Enter your measurement requirements
  • Step 2: MeasureWare Designer will recommend suitable hardware and create a customized design file
  • Step 3: Review your solution and proceed to purchasing
  • Step 4: Your customized design file will be stored in the cloud for your future use once you receive the hardware.
MeasureWare Software Studio from Analog Devices

System Requirements

A laptop, desktop PC, or smart device with Internet access and a compatible browser: Chrome, Firefox.

MeasureWare Software Studio from Analog Devices

Documentation for MeasureWare Designer

The Quick Start guide below briefly documents how to use the MeasureWare Designer tool to select and configure a precision sensor measurement, using temperature as an example.

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