MeasureWare Swift Kit for ADMW1001 multi-sensor platform

The EV-SWIFTMW1001EBZ is a rapid prototyping precision measurement kit for environmental monitoring. The Swift1001 is plug-and-play with MeasureWare-supported sensors that are tailor selected from the MeasureWare Designer tool. The MeasureWare Lab tool can be used to interact with the kit and view your measurement data. MeasureWare sensor boards can be easily plugged into one of the two analog input ports or one of two digital input ports. The kit has all the capability to excite, measure, and correct the sensor and generate an output in sensor related units such as degC, degF, etc.

The platform offers USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 5 low energy connectivity. A MicroSD card slot is also available for data storage.

Coming soon. Inquire for more details.

Key Features

  • Precision Environmental Monitoring Kit
  • Any Measurement, Any Time, Any Sensor
  • 2 fully configurable analog sensor input channels
  • 2 digital sensor channels
  • Per Sensor Performance you can count on
  • Tailor quickly and easily with the MeasureWare Software Studio
  • Analyze data locally or remotely with the cloud-connected MeasureWare Lab
  • USB/BLE v5.0 connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery

MeasureWare Software Studio

Package Contents

•  EV-SWIFT1001EBZ Board

Note: Please ensure to also order at least one MeasureWare sensor board before completing your purchase.