Supported Measurements

  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Humidity

This product’s full list of compatible measurement types; utilize our MeasureWare designer tool to configure your own specific use case. (Not all measurements can be enabled in parallel.)

MeasureWare Low Bandwidth Precision Measurement Platform

ADMW1001 is a configurable precision measurement platform that directly connects to a range of both uncompensated and compensated analog and digital sensors. Two universal analog inputs offer extensive flexibility, allowing any channel to be configured or reconfigured for any sensor at any time. The SoC (System on Chip) has all the building blocks to excite, measure, and correct the sensor and generate an output in sensor related units such as degC, degF, etc. The ADMW1001 includes built-in measurement intelligence which controls the system configuration, measurement timing, sequencing, and data marshalling.

Pre-production samples now available, you can contact us for samples

Key Features

  • Any Measurement, Any Time, Any Sensor
  • 2 fully configurable analog sensor input channels
  • 3 digital sensor channels
  • Per Sensor Performance you can count on
  • Tailor quickly and easily within the MeasureWare environment
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Output data rate for fully corrected results of 100Hz
  • 7 × 7 LFCSP package

MeasureWare Software Studio

Package Contents

Units are available in quantity in the following formats:
ADMW1001BCPZ unit