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ADI Trinamic Hardware for Motor and Motion Control

ADI Trinamic Hardware for Motor and Motion Control

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)’s Trinamic motor and motion control products transform digital information into precise physical motion, enabling Industry 4.0 performance in applications such as advanced robotics, automation, medical prosthetics, 3D printing, and more. The ADI Trinamic™ portfolio includes motors, encoders, and motor control ICs and modules. These complete, efficient, small footprint solutions can help reduce complexity and time to market for intelligent motion systems while supporting potential space and performance efficiency improvements.

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The ADI Trinamic portfolio offers an extensive set of tools to set up and fine-tune intelligent motor and motion control systems: A free and intuitive integrated development environment, CANopen tools, and ADI Trinamic technology access package (including the ADI Trinamic API). Regardless of MCU selection and programming style, ADI Trinamic technology offers industry-leading software solutions that are ready to integrate into your own firmware project.

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Learn more about ADI Trinamic technologies and solutions in the ADI EngineerZone™.


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