MultiChip Technology Overview


There are three basic "components" employed by the MultiChip Products Group to address the needs of our customers: Monolithic silicon devices, high-density interconnect and application targeted test.

The first "component" is high-performance monolithic silicon devices. We have direct access to the full range of silicon and intellectual property developed by Analog Devices (ADI), as well as other third-party products. By understanding and leveraging the full "silicon" performance potential, and by extending device performance with highly integrated system interconnect, it is possible to address the more stressing electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements.

The second element of ADI's integrated module solutions is the high-density interconnect design expertise and implementation. In essence, ADI's interconnect technology is a "component" to be leveraged throughout the development and manufacturing process, which improves and optimizes system performance.

Finally, the third facet is application targeted test. Just as the interconnect technology can extend the performance of the silicon, a targeted test and screening flow can also substantially improve performance and reliability at the sub-system level. These multi-chip sub-system components are tested, characterized, and qualified to the same stringent levels as any monolithic Analog Devices component.

Design Tools

Full electrical, thermal, and mechanical analysis is implemented with a variety of industry-standard and optimized in-house tools. Device performance is modeled against worst-case process and environmental conditions. Analysis results can be used to support early system integration efforts.

Substrate Technologies

MCP analyzes all designs and the variety of options available, then selects the appropriate substrate, die attach, and sealing method based on performance and cost targets. Laminate structures with standard encapsulation or custom overmolds are designed for the most cost-sensitive as well as the most rugged of applications. Co-fired, Thick-film, and Thin-Film ceramic are available in multiple layers with tightly controlled line widths/spaces. Standard chip-and-wire, and Flip-Chip die attach are both available.

Package Options

In addition to standard leaded packages, both Plastic and Ceramic Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) package styles are supported.

Test Flows

A variety of test platforms including mainframe and PC-based systems are available depending on the unique product requirements. For military production, test flows adhere to the guidelines of MIL-PRF-38534. Precision laser trim is also available.

Considerable efforts are focused on optimizing product cost through known-good-die versus back-end screening tests. Component silicon can be sourced in various formats with additional probe screen options available.