Two people hiking in the mountains with network mesh superimposed
Two people hiking in the mountains with network mesh superimposed

January 5 – 8
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
West Hall, Booth 4725

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Turning Living Rooms Into Cinemas, Stadiums, and Stages

Your favorite shows, movies, soundtracks, or games, with audio tuned to make every seat the best seat in the house. So your next movie night in, feels like the event of the year.

Facial Recognition and Security at the Intelligent Edge

AI facial recognition in the workplace allows us to protect assets, improve productivity, and seamlessly add a layer of security in remote or unsupervised areas. ADI is enabling AI at the intelligent edge through facial recognition that validates authorized personnel using only a small battery.

Creating a More Seamless, Clutter-free Musical Stage

ADI is simplifying and streamlining the modern music stage using A2B technology that is less cluttered, and easier to manage.

Charge Faster, Run Longer

We rely on our devices - and they rely on insights about their batteries. Comprehensive battery management provides insights that increase run-time with faster charging and extended lifetime.

Fitting the Big Picture Into Smaller Spaces

ADI technology enables high efficiency, compact, ultrathin, multioutput uModule regulators to fit into high-end cameras. This saves space and power and allows greater freedom than ever in our creative pursuits.

Amplify Your Experience, However You Listen

Your favorite speaker brands likely have one thing in common: advanced ADI amplification technology that helps you fully immerse in the media you love.

A Clearer, More Immersive Way of Doing Business

ADI technology enables conference calls with lifelike 3D rendering, ML algorithms and advanced speech processing to create crystal clear and truly immersive communication.

Empowering the Future of Work with the Metaverse

By bridging the physical and digital we are redefining how people work, live, and engage. It takes a huge technological effort: compelling intelligent edge devices, 5G/6G infrastructure, and the green energy to power it all. ADI advancements are making it all possible.

Get Lost in a 360-Degree Sound Experience

Put your couch in the front row, with ADI technology that enable cost-effective multi-channel audio in the home, with fewer speakers and with the potential of personalized zones in the future.

An Accurate View When It's Needed Most

ADI-powered thermal cameras operate with negligible noise and distortion. This allows us to accurately detect body temperature, and monitor remote forest fires and other vital applications.

A Personal Trainer at Home

Time-of-flight technology is enhancing and personalizing home fitness, enabling healthier human lives through advancements like the Tempo Studio.

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*The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

Life, Exactly How It's Supposed to Sound

Context aware hearable solutions change the way we work, play and rest, wherever we are. Filtering out, amplifying, or enhancing the sounds of life when appropriate, so we can experience perfect sound, every day.

Don't Let a Low Battery Eat Into Your Playtime

Keep going until the last drop of energy with the most accurate battery fuel gauge. USB-C fast-charging technology keeps your phone, headphones or gaming device going at the speed of daily life, with highest efficiency and safety in the smallest footprint.

Tell the Whole World Who's Winning

Soaring soundtracks, echoing silence, and the cheers of your squad mates deserve the amplification required to make them truly immersive. ADI's suite of audio technologies make sure you have total command of your gaming sound.

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Electric car being charged at home, with wind turbines in the distance

ADI Automotive Demos

A more engaging, eco-friendly commute.

Between home, work and the other important landmarks of our day, our car is our refuge. By making these moments of transition safer, more immersive, and more power efficient, we can improve how far we can travel sustainably, while also improving our daily lives.

Young woman presses a side button on a smartwatch

ADI Healthcare Demos

Wake up to a view of the future.

From the moment we wake up, there are opportunities to enrich, immerse and improve the way we live. By infusing our homes with the ability to help us better understand our bodies and needs, we ensure each day begins in the best possible way.