3D Rendering of Analog Devices CES 2022 Booth
3D Rendering of Analog Devices CES 2022 Booth

AT CES® 2022
CES® 2022

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Voice UI: Command Your Appliances

What if your home was always at attention, but never eavesdropping?

The real world is noisy and messy. ADI’s voice UI technology works in practical to demanding applications for seamless interactions between people and products.

Wearables: Personalized and context aware

What if our devices seamlessly adapted to our acoustic environment?

ADI’s understanding of users and their environments is helping us create new and better experiences, including noise-canceling, medical monitoring and fitness tracking.

Smart Speakers: Sound without Distortion

What if big sounds came from small packages?

ADI’s MAX98396 Class D amplifiers, paired with Klippel Controlled Sound algorithms, takes smart speaker sound to the next level. With this combination of hardware and software, the smart speaker can produce louder and richer sound, with speaker protection, while easily complying with green energy standards.

Smart Space: Reimagining the Collaboration Workplace

What if you could be heard clearly from anywhere in the room?

ADI’s system-level communication and collaboration solutions combine to enable more productive meetings, wherever, and however, they're held. And our audio processing solutions ensure your listener can hear you, regardless of what life throws in your background.

Future Gaming: Slip into Another World

What if we could blur the lines between gaming and reality?

A gaming speaker apt for PC or console gaming with ability to decode Dolby and DTS and enable additional post processing to unlock fully immersive, life-like gaming experiences.

Sensor Fusion: The Future of Entertainment

What if we could sit in the middle of our favorite media?

The future of immersive entertainment means there won't be a "perfect spot" on the couch that gets the audio just right. Instead, a composite of sensing technology will shape the sound to a room's inhabitants, transporting them into scenes and stages, no matter where they're sitting. The Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoders provide the truly immersive object audio rendering in that “spot."

Computer Vision: Enter the Digital

What if you could alter reality, like an artist with a brush?

As the digital world and physical world become one, ADI’s time-of-flight technology is helping to bring spatial awareness to the machines around us.

Smart Space: Safer, Greener, Better

What if your conference room looked out for you?

ADI’s occupancy sensors make sure you know exactly who is inside your space at any given moment. And our air quality sensors keep that same space cleaner and greener.

Soundscape: Immersive 3D Audio

What if we could be transported into the movies we watch and games we play?

ADI’s ToF technology pairs with post-processing algorithms running on ADI SHARC DS to usher in the next evolution in home entertainment. Using accurate listener position tracking, we're enabling a headphone-less 3D audio experience with lifelike soundstage.

Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Comes Home

What if your house always knew exactly where you were?

ADI’s neural network accelerator allows your rooms to recognize you, adapt to your needs, respond to your commands and remember your preferences. Small, efficient and data-secure, this technology can be integrated in any of your home products—soundbars, TV, cameras, thermostats—creating endless possibilities for intelligence.

Tempo Studio with 3D Vision: Transcend the Training Schedule

What if your personal trainer was always waiting for you at home?

ADI’s time-of-flight solutions capture individual performance and provide real-time feedback. Together, these advances are helping the Tempo smart home gym capture the attention of a growing fitness market.

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Woman in self-driving car enjoying individualized music playlist

ADI CES Automotive Demos

Witness firsthand how breakthroughs in battery management systems, digital cabin experience, gesture sensing, zonal architecture, and occupant monitoring are creating an automotive future that isn’t just safer and more sustainable, but also helps us get where we’re going in style.

Doctor using a next generation tablet computer to view charts and patient information

ADI CES Healthcare Demos

Truly personalized healthcare is more vital than ever before. Join us to discover how biometrics, in-bed vital sensing, gamified health monitoring, and data management are turning our homes into places for healing.