Space-based SATCOM Signal Chain

Learn about solutions from Analog Devices that create a full phased array signal chain solution for space-based SATCOM applications. This demonstration includes each major functional circuitry block, including beamformer ICs (BFIC), Down/Up Converter System-In-Packages (SIP), integrated wideband PLL/VCO ICs, and high sample rate ADCs and DACs . The BFIC highlighted is ADI's ADAR3001, a 27-31 GHz true time delay component with ability to quickly hop between pre-loaded beam states. The down-converter block is comprised of a wideband 0.5-32 GHz SIP that includes the gain ranging, mixer, amplifier and filter blocks. The data converter used is the AD9082 which is a multi-channel, wide-bandwidth data converter that can sample ADCs up to 6GSPS and DACs up to 12GSPS. The combination of these components allows for a high level of reconfigurability and design re-use covering multiple SATCOM bands.