Signal Chain Power (SCP) Configurator Tool

The Signal Chain Power (SCP) Configurator application is a companion software tool for the Signal Chain Power series of hardware evaluation boards. It is geared for precision instrumentation, test & measurement system designers who need to power signal chains but are unsure of where to begin. Given an input voltage range, output voltage, and anticipated load current values, the SCP Configurator application will construct a “best fit” topology, choose the most appropriate IC, and show how to construct the power tree with all relevant SCP hardware to order for the system design. Various options for flexible system design include specifying low noise or dual output boards. The software does not calculate component values; the QuickStart Guides “Configuration” sections have tables and equations necessary to fully implement the designs SCP Configurator creates.

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Using the SCP Configurator

The SCP Configurator is an intuitive, easy to use software tool that allows nearly any signal chain system designer to find the best combination of Power by Linear™ parts as a starting point for hardware evaluation. No power supply topology expertise necessary! Once your custom power architecture for your system is complete through the SCP tool, snap together the building blocks to create a hardware testing platform.

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See your signal chain power solution come to life with the SCP building blocks.

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Documentation & Support

Overview of the SCP ConfiguratorTool

SCP Support on EngineerZone

Visit EngineerZone® to engage with our SCP experts or find answers related to the operation, use, and functionality of the SCP configurator companion tool for use with the SCP hardware evaluation platform.