Features & Benefits

The X1600E is an Enterprise and Datacenter Storage Form Factor (EDSFF), power-efficient module hosting a Blaize X1600 SoC for AI workloads.

Analog Devices, Inc. supports end to end power delivery solutions for Blaize Pathfinder Xplorer 1600E ESDFF Accelerator. Analog Devices uses discrete power solutions to enable Blaize to deliver high compute with optimized with most TOPS/Watt performance.

These regulators are highly integrated discrete solutions optimized for cost, efficiency and foot print.

ADI provides supporting documentation including power schematics, layout, LTpowerPlanner® and applicable LTpowerPlay® configuration files to enable you to validate the power solution for your application seamlessly.

For a complete list power designs and use cases, please contact your local FAE.

Key Power for full management devices are used as follows:

  • LTC7150S
  • LTC3636

Circuit Function & Benefits

Complete P/Ns and Circuit Descriptions (Xplorer X1600E)

Rail/Function Part Number(s) Description
0V8 (CORE) LTC7150SEV#PBF 20V, 20A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
VDD_1V1_DDR , 1V8 LTC3636EUFD#PBF Dual Channel 6A, 20V Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

Sample Products