LTpowerCAD and LTpowerPlanner

The LTpowerCAD® design tool is a complete power supply design tool program that can significantly ease the tasks of power supply design with many power products by Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices Inc. Currently, most products in the LTpowerCAD tool are for non-isolated, switching mode power supplies. Unlike conventional simulation tools, the LTpowerCAD tool guides users throughout the full power supply design process: it searches suitable parts according to user’s supply specifications; it guides the user to design and optimize circuit component values with suggestions and warnings; it shows real-time results of power stage and feedback loop / transient performances; finally, it also provides a detailed summary of the design. Besides, a LTpowerCAD design can be exported to a LTspice simulation circuit for further verifications. Within the LTpowerCAD program, there is also a LTpowerPlanner tool for system-level “power tree” designs and optimizations. The LTpowerCAD program is free for download and currently works on Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 based PC. Some tools also need the Microsoft Excel program. Users can make real time updates of the program and its component libraries through internet.

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A Design Tool for Switching Regulators

Switching power supply design can often be a challenging and time-consuming experience. Typically this requires knowledge of aspects such as control loop compensation, IC operation and capabilities, filtering and even power loss mechanisms related to DC/DC switching regulators. This video guides the user through the entire design process reducing design effort and speeding up design time.

LTpowerCAD Videos

Get the most from LTpowerCAD’s tools and recommendations in these videos from the experts at Power by Linear.

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