ADI Electromagnetic Flow Meter Solution



Leverage ADI's amplifier, data conversion, signal processing, communications and power technology and expertise to high resolution, low noise industry Electromagnetic Flow Meter systems.

ADI offers market tailored solutions to aid in the design process. These solutions feature our industry-leading technologies and offer a range of design options - from implementation of discrete components to fully integrated solutions, and everything in between.

ADI offers:
  • Amplifier & linear product
  • Data Converter: ADC & DAC
  • Processor: Analog Microcontroller & DSP
  • Isolation & Interface Product
  • Power Management Product


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System Block Diagram



Circuits from the Lab®

    •  Complete High Speed, High CMRR Precision Analog Front End for Process Control (CN-0213) —
    •  4 mA-to-20 mA Loop-Powered Temperature Monitor Using the ADuC7060/ADuC7061 Precision Analog Microcontroller (CN-0145) —
    •  16-Bit Fully Isolated Output Module Using the AD5422 Single Chip Voltage and Current Output DAC and the ADuM1401 Digital Isolator (CN-0065) —
    •  Fully Isolated Input Module Based on the AD7793 24-Bit Σ-Δ ADC and the ADuM5401 Digital Isolator (CN-0066) —
    •  Complete 4 mA to 20 mA Loop Powered Field Instrument with HART Interface (CN-0267) —

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