JPEG2000 Third Party Developers

As the ADV202/ADV212 follows the JPEG2000 (J2K) -ISO/IEC15444-1 image compression standard, it will be compatible with imaging applications that adhere to this standard. Below are links to companies that provide products and services in conjunction with JPEG2000, from software codecs to hardware and software design:

Aware Inc.

Aware provides software development solutions for decoding ADV202/ADV212 data streams, complete with reference applications and source code. Aware was the first to commercialize wavelet compression, and for the past 6 years has been heavily involved in the JPEG 2000 standards bodies, R&D, and delivery of commercially supported JPEG2000 software development tools and products for the medical, geospatial, library, digital cinema, and video markets.


EVOL developed a Linux driver for the Eurotech CTR1474 PC104 8 input JPEG2000 encoder/decoder. The hearth of the board is the Analog Devices ADV212 which fits well in surveillance applications. The driver supports encoding, decoding and HIPI mode of the ADV212. An easy to use C library, a device driver and a set of command-line tools for testing/prototyping is released under the GNU Public License.

Gastager Systemtechnik GmbH

As the designer of the PCI-based ADV202/ADV212 evaluation board, Gastager Systemtechnik GmbH provides various development platforms using the ADV202/ADV212, from simple encode / decode demo boards (ADV202/ADV212 VidPipe) to high-end processing units that include a Blackfin DSP for post-processing JPEG2000 data. The JPEG2000 Net Module, a video/audio codec module, which transmits data over 10/100 BaseT Ethernet with latency of <150ms is also available.


J2K-Codec is an easy-to-use JPEG2000 decoder, specially modified to support ADV202/ADV212 chip. It can handle down-sampled U and V components, and has performance suitable for live-video decoding. There is also a special decoding mode (automatically activated for video images from ADV202/ADV212), which boosts performance and eliminates interlacing artifacts.

Kakadu Software

LuraTech GmbH

Morgan Multimedia

Probably the fastest JPEG2000 software codec available on PC today! Includes decoder and encoder. Fully interoperable with the ADV202/ADV212. Multi-threaded and highly optimized for Intel x86 and compatible CPUs (MMX, SSE, SSE2, Hyper-Threading, Multi Core and Multi CPU). Supports Video For Windows and DirectShow API. Also available as a low-level SDK including documentation and sample source code.

Westar Display Technologies

Westar Display Technologies developed the HRED J2000, a 4-lane PCIe board that contains a highly parallel JPEG2000 encoding/decoding engine capable of processing multiple video streams simultaneously. The streams can compress video from its PCIe interface or from its up to two DVI-I dual link interfaces, decompress video over its PCIe interface, and perform raw frame captures from its up to two DVI-I dual link interfaces. The HRED J2000 is ideal in command and control scenarios where high resolution video must be moved between multiple video sources, storage devices, and display surfaces. In effect, the HRED J2000 is a JPEG 2000 hardware accelerator!