ADUCM350: 16-Bit Precision, Low Power Meter on a Chip with Cortex-M3 and Connectivity

The ADuCM350 is a complete, coin cell powered, high precision, meter-on-chip for portable device applications for applications such as point-of-care diagnostics and body-worn devices for monitoring vital signs. The ADuCM350 is designed for high precision amperometric, voltametric, and impedometric measurement capabilities.

This site contains all of the design resources to perform Analog Front End (AFE) evaluation and system level prototyping with the ADuCM350. It is strongly recommended that the first step you take in your design process is to download and thoroughly review the ADuCM350 Support Documentation.

Note – Applications support for the ADuCM350 consists of the ADI evaluation hardware and software, the downloadable design file package, and an online community forum monitored and managed by an applications engineering response team. Guidelines for obtaining ADuCM350 technical support are as follows:

  • All schematics and specifications in the design package have been verified and insure optimum performance from the ADuCM350. Adherence to these specifications and their respective conditions is necessary in order to achieve the device's rated performance in your design.
  • All ADuCM350 Software Development Kit example code, drivers and tools, are for reference only and are not guaranteed or supported by ADI.
  • Example Analog Front End projects have been developed and verified to insure optimum AFE performance. Reconfiguring AFE sequences, AFE calibration routines can result in a non-functional or non-optimal AFE performance.
  • ADuCM350 evaluation board, motherboard and daughter boards, are characterized by ADI. If you encounter an issue with your design, you must be able to recreate the issue on the ADI evaluation platform.
  • Questions related to clarification of the content provided in the design file package should be posted on the community forum and will be addressed by the ADI response team. Questions outside of the scope of the design resources provided cannot be supported.

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