Features and Benefits

  • 24 Isolated Channels with 3.75kVRMS Robust Galvanic Isolation
  • Low Propagation Delay 10ns, Typical
  • Flexible System Design with Wide 1.71V to 5.5V Voltage Range on Each Side
  • Small PCB area
  • Pmod-Compatible Form Factor

Product Details

The USB2GPIOISO# adapter board is designed to work with Maxim’s USB2GPIO# adapter board to provide galvanic isolation between the ‘master’ USB adapter board and a ‘slave’ EV kit or Pmod™ board. Four MAX14483 6-channel digital isolators are used to provide 3.75kVRMS isolation.

The two power domains are on the ‘master’ side (VDD_M and GNDM), and the ‘slave’ side (VDD_S and GNDS). The two independent power supplies are provided from the master board and the slave board with each VDD_ between 1.71V and 5.5V. The two connectors on the ‘master’ side are male connectors and plug into the female connectors on the USB2GPIO# adapter.

USB2GPIOISO# is also designed to work with legacy USB2PMB1# and USM2PMB2# adapters; connectors XMA and XSA are 12-pin connectors which support either SPI with 4 GPIO pins and are fully compatible with previous adapters and low-pin count EV kit or Pmod boards. These connectors are controlled from the Munich GUI or relevant EV kit GUIs. Note that the isolator ICs have unidirectional channels (in or out). Full bidirectional I2C communication is not supported by this board.

The other connectors, XMB and XSB, are 20-pin connectors supporting extra GPIO connections. These 20-pin connectors are NOT controlled by the Munich GUI but are for use with future EV kits and will be controlled by the relevant EV kit GUIs.

USB2GPIOISO# adapter board can be used to enable isolated USB-to-SPI/GPIO interface for any Pmod-compatible plug-in peripheral modules such as the Maxim MAX14001PMB, and MAXREFDES12-Corona reference design.

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