Features and Benefits

  • Highly Integrated Solution with an Integrated, Shielded Inductor
  • Wide 12V to 60V Input Range
  • Preset 5V Output Voltage
  • Up to 1A Output Current
  • High Efficiency 84% (VIN = 24V, VOUT = 5V at 1.0A)
  • 540kHz Switching Frequency
  • Enable/UVLO Input, Resistor-Programmable UVLO Threshold
  • Adjustable Soft-Start Time
  • Open-Drain Active-Low RESET Output
  • Internally Compensated
  • Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection
  • Low-Profile, Surface-Mount Components
  • Lead(Pb)-Free and RoHS Compliant
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAXM17502 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a demonstration circuit of the MAXM17502 high-voltage, high-efficiency, current mode, synchronous step-down DC-DC switching power module. The EV kit is designed to provide 5V with up to 1A load of current from a wide input-voltage range of 12V to 60V. The EV kit switches at an optimal 540kHz switching frequency to allow for small component and solution sizes while maintaining high performance. The EV kit provides a precision-enable input and an open-drain active-low RESET output signal to provide a simple and reliable startup sequence. The EV kit also includes optional component footprints to program different output voltages, an adjustable input undervoltage-lockout, and a soft-start time to control inrush current during startup. The MAXM17502 module data sheet provides a complete description of the part and should be read in conjunction with this evaluation kit data sheet prior to modifying the demo circuit.


  • Battery-Powered Equipment
  • General-Purpose Point-of-Load
  • High-Voltage LDO Replacement
  • HVAC and Building Control
  • Industrial Sensors and Process Control

Applicable Parts

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