Features and Benefits

  • Tiny, Thin QFN, 3mm x 3mm IC Package
  • Individual Enables
  • Dual Step-Down Converters
    • 600mA Guaranteed Current on OUT1
    • 1200mA Guaranteed Current on OUT2
    • Output Voltage from 0.6V to 3.3V
    • Ultra-Fast Line and Load Transients
    • Low 25µA Supply Current Each
  • Dual 300mA LDOs
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX8668 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed-circuit board (PCB) for evaluating the MAX8668 dual step-down DC-DC converter with dual LDOs. The MAX8668 EV kit operates from a 2.6V to 5.5V supply and provides a 600mA step-down output, a 1200mA step-down output, and two 300mA LDO outputs. The EV kit comes with the MAX8668ETEA+ installed, providing two adjustable step-down outputs and two 2.8V preset LDO outputs. The adjustable output voltages for the two step-down converters are set to 1.2V (OUT1) and 1.8V (OUT2), and can be adjusted from 0.6V to 3.3V by changing resistors on the board. The MAX8668 EV kit can also be used to evaluate any version of the MAX8667 (preset step-down/preset LDO) or MAX8668 (adjustable step-down/preset LDO). Refer to the Selector Guide in the MAX8667/MAX8668 IC data sheet for a list of available preset output voltages.


  • Cell Phones/Smartphones
  • Digital Cameras, Camcorders
  • Handheld Instruments
  • PCMCIA Cards
  • PDA and Palmtop Computers
  • Portable MP3 and DVD Players

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