Features and Benefits

  • Quad-Phase Current-Mode EV Kit
  • Parallel Operation for 200A Output
  • VRM 10.0 Compatible (Easily Modified for VRM 10.x)
  • Rapid-Active Average Current Sensing
  • Fastest Voltage Positioning
  • High-Speed Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Low Bulk Output-Capacitor Count
  • 12V Input Voltage
  • 0.8375V to 1.5875V Output Voltage Range (6-Bit DAC)
  • 100A Load-Current Capability (25A Each Phase)
  • 210kHz Switching Frequency (Adjustable)
  • Dynamic VID Change
  • Differential Remote Voltage Sensing
  • Power-Good Output
  • 28-Pin QSOP Package (MAX8525)
  • 16-Pin QSOP Package (MAX8523)
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX8525 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the high-power, dynamically adjustable multiphase VRM 10.0 application circuit. This DC-DC converter steps down high-voltage input, generating a precision, lowvoltage CPU-core VCC rail. The MAX8525 EV kit meets the Intel® VRM 10 CPU's transient voltage specification and includes logic-to-interface with the CPU powergood signal. The MAX8525 EV kit consists of the MAX8525 current-mode, step-down controller and the MAX8523 high-speed, dual-phase MOSFET gate driver. The MAX8525 EV kit includes rapid-active average current sensing and voltage positioning, thereby reducing power dissipation and bulk output-capacitance requirements. Quad-phase operation reduces input-ripple-current requirements and output voltage ripple.

The MAX8525 EV kit is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that provides a digitally adjustable 0.8375V to 1.5875V output voltage range (6-bit, on-board DAC, 12.5mV increments) from a 12V input source. Each phase delivers up to 25A output current for a total of 100A. The EV kit operates at a 210kHz switching frequency and has superior line- and load-transient responses. Two EV kits can be paralleled for true 8-phase interleaved operation up to 200A. The MAX8525 EV kit can easily be modified to meet Intel's VRM 10.x requirements. Contact the factory for details.


  • Desknotes and LCD PCs
  • Desktop Computers
  • High-End Switches and Routers
  • Servers and Workstations
  • Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs)