Features and Benefits

  • Proven PCB Reference Design and Layout
  • Easy to Use
    • Simple Hardware Control: Jumpers and Test Points for EN, BIASEN, and POK
    • GUI Drives I2C Interface for Optional Software Control
    • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • USB to I2C Converter Allows for Easy Communication
    • Windows-Based Software GUI Controls Registers
    • Level Translator (MAX3395) Allows for Adjusting I2C Bus Voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V
  • On-Board Electronic Load Emulates System Loading
    • Steady-State, Transient, and Random Modes

Product Details

The MAX77533 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested PCB that demonstrates the MAX77533 synchronous step-down (buck) converter. The EV kit is a step-down voltage regulator circuit using MAX77533 that is capable of 3V to 14V input, 1.5A continuous load, and output voltage adjustable between 0.8V and 5V (internal feedback options) or 1.55V and 99% of the input voltage (external feedback option).

The EV kit features a dual-range electronic load that allows easy evaluation of loading use cases for the buck converter circuit. Steady-state, transient, or random load profiles can be programmed.

A USB-to-I2C translator circuit allows a Windows®-based PC to run a graphical user interface (GUI) for easy control of the MAX77533 registers as well as the on-board electronic load.

Applicable Parts