Features and Benefits

  • Meets Stringent OEM Module Power Consumption and Performance Specifications
    • ±1.5% Output-Voltage Accuracy at FB
    • Output Voltage Adjustable Between 12V and 65V
    • 5µA Shutdown Supply Current
  • High Efficiency and Current Sharing
    • Preset Gate Drive Voltage for External MOSFETs from 5.5V to 10V Allows User to Optimize External MOSFETs
    • Current Sharing Accuracy is ±5% Between 2 Phases to Improve System Efficiency
  • EMI Reduction Features Reduce Interference with Sensitive Radio Bands without Sacrificing Wide Input Voltage Range
    • Spread-Spectrum Option
    • Frequency-Synchronization Input
    • Resistor-Programmable Frequency Between 200kHz and 2.2MHz
  • Integration and Thermally Enhanced Packages Save Board Space and Cost
    • Current-Mode Controllers with Forced-Continuous and Skip Modes
    • Side Wettable 32-Pin TQFN-EP Package
  • Protection Features and I2C diagnostics for Improved System Reliability
    • Supply Undervoltage Lockout
    • Die Temperature Monitoring via I2C
    • Short Circuit Protection with True Shutdown
    • Individual Phase Current Monitoring via I2C

Product Details

The MAX25203 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested board for evaluating the MAX25203 dualphase automotive synchronous boost controller. The MAX25203 enables infotainment systems to stay in regulation during cold crank or start-stop operation all the way down to battery input of 1.8V. It can also be used to generate backlight voltage and class D audio amplifier voltages. This device can start with an input voltage supply from 4.5V to 42V and can operate down to 1.8V after start-up and has a low 5µA shutdown supply current.

The MAX25203 features a power-OK monitor, overvoltage and undervoltage lockout. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown. It is specified for operation over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range.


  • Automotive Audio Amplifier
  • Infotainment Systems

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