Features and Benefits

  • 8-Channel Configuration
  • High Integration for Ultrasound Imaging Applications
  • Pin-for-Pin Compatibility with the MAX2035
  • VGA Features
    • Maximum Gain, Gain Range, and Output-Referred Noise Optimized for Interfacing with 10-Bit ADCs:
      • Maximum Gain of 39.5dB
      • Total Gain Range of 50dB
      • 60nV/ Ultra-Low Output-Referred Noise at 5MHz
  • ±0.5dB Absolute Gain Error
  • 120mW Consumption per Channel
  • Switchable Output VGA Clamp Eliminating ADC Overdrive
  • Fully Differential VGA Outputs for Direct ADC Drive
  • Variable Gain Range Achieves 50dB Dynamic Range
  • -62dBc HD2 at VOUT = 1.5VP-P and fIN = 5MHz
  • Two-Tone Ultrasound-Specific IMD3 of -52dBc at VOUT = 1.5VP-P and fIN = 5MHz
  • CWD Mixer Features
    • Low Mixer Thermal and Jitter Noise: 155dBc/Hz at 1kHz Offset from 1.25MHz Carrier
    • Serial-Programmable LO Phase Generator for 4, 8, 16 LO Quadrature Phase Resolution
    • Optional Individual Channel 4 x fLO LO Input Drive Capability
    • 269mW Power Consumption per Channel (Normal-Power Mode) and 226mW Power Consumption per Channel (Low-Power Mode)

Product Details

The MAX2036 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies the evaluation of the MAX2036 8-channel variable-gain amplifier (VGA) and programmable octal mixer array. It is fully assembled and tested at the factory. Standard SMB connectors are included on the EV kit's input and output ports to allow quick and easy evaluation on the test bench. The MAX2036 supports 10-bit ADC performance.

This document provides a list of test equipment required to evaluate the device, a straight-forward test procedure to verify functionality, a description of the EV kit circuit, the circuit schematic, a component list for the kit, and artwork for each layer of the PCB.


  • Sonar
  • Ultrasound Imaging