Features and Benefits

  • 1-Phase, Fast-Response Quick-PWM™
  • Active Voltage Positioning with Adjustable Gain—Independent DC and Transient Control
  • High Speed, Accuracy, and Efficiency
  • Low-Bulk Output-Capacitor Count
  • 7V to 24V Input-Voltage Range
  • 0.3375V to 1.1250V Output-Voltage Range (6-Bit DAC)
  • 14A Load-Current Capability
  • 300kHz Switching Frequency
  • Power-Good (PWRGD) Indicator
  • Thermal Fault (Active-Low VRHOT) Output
  • Output Overvoltage and Undervoltage Fault Protections
  • 28-Pin Thin QFN Package (4mm x 4mm)
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX17409 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the high-power, dynamically adjustable, 1-phase application circuit for NVIDIA® graphics power supplies. This DC-DC converter is intended to either step down high-voltage batteries and/or the 5V system supply, generating a precision, low-voltage CPU core. The MAX17409 EV kit meets the NVIDIA transient voltage specification, power-good signaling, voltage-regulator thermal monitoring (active-low VRHOT), and power-good output (PWRGD). The MAX17409 EV kit includes active voltage positioning with adjustable gain, reducing power dissipation and bulk output-capacitance requirements. An internal amplifier buffers the DAC and accurately controls the slew rate for all output-voltage transitions, including transitions between VID codes, startup, and shutdown. Precision slew-rate control provides just-in time arrival at the new DAC setting, minimizing surge currents to and from the battery.

The MAX17409 includes output undervoltage fault, over-voltage fault, and thermal overload protection. It also includes a voltage-regulator power-good (PWRGD) output.

This fully assembled and tested PCB provides a digitally adjustable 0.3375V to 1.1250V output voltage (6-bit on-board DAC) from a 7V to 24V battery-input range. It delivers up to 14A output current. The EV kit operates at 300kHz switching frequency and has superior line- and load-transient response.


  • 2- to 4-Li+ Cells Battery to Processor Core Supply Converters
  • Graphics Core (GPU) Power Supplies
  • Notebooks/Desktops/Servers
  • Voltage-Positioned Step-Down Converters

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