Features and Benefits

  • Fully Functional 18-Bit ADC
  • ±5V Input Range
  • Single +5V Supply Operation
  • IBM-Compatible Software Included
  • Complete 80C32 Code Listing Provided

Product Details

The MAX132 evaluation kit (EV kit) contains a fully assembled and functional printed circuit board with a MAX132 ADC, 80C32 microcontroller, MAX699 microprocessor supervisor, MAX233 RS-232 interface, and all other components needed for an 18-bit DAS. 8kB of EPROM contain the 80C32 program code, and an additional 8kB of CMOS RAM is included to store conversion results. A prototyping area of 5in² is reserved for breadboarding, signal conditioning, or other application-specific circuits.

The kit operates from a single +5V supply, and links to an IBM-compatible personal computer through an RS-232 link. Commands entered on the keyboard are sent to the EV kit board, and conversion results are returned for display. All required IBM-compatible software is included.


  • Battery-Powered Applications
  • Industrial Process Controls
  • Remote Data Acquisition
  • Transducer-Signal Measurement Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Voltage Current, Resistance, Weight

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