Product Details

ADRF6655-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, FR4-based evaluation board. It requires 5 V/310 mA power supply for normal operation. The power supply should be connected to the clip leads, labeled  VCC and GND. Another 3.2 V supply rail may be needed for IP3SET clip lead, which adjusts mixer core bias current. 3P3V_LDO and 2P5V_LDO clip leads each provide 3.3 V and 2.5 V LDO. All signal ports are populated with edge-mounted SMA connectors. RF port is the mixer RF input port configured for single-ended signaling. LO port provides the options to either output the LO signal generated by internal PLL or drive the mixer via an external LO source (see ADRF6655 data sheet for more information). OUT port is the mixer IF output port for single-ended signaling evaluation. IFP and IFN ports are the mixer IF output ports for differential interfacing evaluation. REFIN is the PLL reference input port. RFOUT port may be used to sense the device mux output. VTUNE port is avaiable for VCO control voltage if desired. The evaluation board is configued for operatioin as a broadband down-converter and features necessary footprints and prototype area for other various configurations, including up-conversion examples shown in the ADRF6655 data sheet. The evaluation board can be programmed through the USB port of a PC running Windows XP or Vista with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed. The required control software can be downloaded from www.analog.com.

Applicable Parts