Features and Benefits

  • Full configuration of the ADPD1080
    • Register level
    • Parameter level
  • Graph views
    • Time series view
    • Long range proximity view
  • UDP transfer capability

Product Details

The EVAL-ADPD1080Z-PRX evaluation kit provides users with a simple means of connecting with the ADPD1080 hardware, collecting data from the ADPD1080, and evaluating long range proximity capabilities. The ADPD1080 hardware is configured with a large area, p-type, intrinsic, n-type (PIN) semiconductor photodiode as a proximity sensor. In this configuration, motion and proximity in front of the EVAL-ADPD1080Z-PRX are measured by detecting the amount of infrared (IR) light reflected off of objects and the change in IR light as objects move relative to the EVAL-ADPD1080Z-PRX.

The evaluation kit requires the EVAL-ADPDM3Z and the Applications Wavetool, which can be downloaded from the EVAL-ADPD1080Z-PRX product page. The Applications Wavetool is a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides users with low level and high level configurability, real-time data analysis, and user datagram protocol (UDP) transfer capabilities so that the evaluation board can easily connect to a PC.

The USB port of the PC powers the EVAL-ADPDM3Z and the EVAL-ADPD1080Z-PRX. On-board voltage regulators provide voltage supplies for the ADPD1080.

The evaluation board schematic indicates signal names for easy identification.

Full specifications for the ADPD1080 are available in the ADPD1080 data sheet. Refer to both this data sheet and the EVAL-ADPD1080Z-PRX user guide when working with the evaluation board.


Evaluation Software

27.47 M
Legacy Applications Wavetool (Proximity_Gesture) (Rev. 3.5.0)
A user datagram protocol (UDP) transfer capability from the Wavetool Evaluation Software allows data stream connections and register configurability to external analysis programs, such as LabVIEW® or MATLAB®, in real time


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