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This evaluation board is obsolete and no longer recommended. The replacement board is the ADP8861SHIELD-EVALZ.

This describes the functionality of the Analog Devices, Inc., ADP8860 and provides software development guidelines. The ADP8860 communicates with an external processor using an I2C interface and an interrupt line (nINT). The processor sends initialization and activation commands to the ADP8860, which acts as a slave device.


The interrupt line, from the ADP8860 to the processor, is used to indicate a failure condition, such as a thermal shutdown or an overvoltage and LED/output short circuit, or to indicate a light level threshold has been crossed. All interrupt sources are maskable. Refer to Figure 1 for a typical application diagram. Figure 2 shows a schematic with keypad light control.


The interrupt line is active low; each interrupt source has an individual masking bit. The processor can reset the ADP8860 anytime by pulling the nRST line low; this operation reinitializes the ADP8860 at the default state and places the device in standby mode.

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