Features and Benefits

  • Evaluation board for testing the features of the ADP1974
  • Standalone open-loop capability
  • FAULT and COMP inputs compatible with the AD8450-EVALZ
  • Compatible for testing with full external customer solutions
  • Input voltage range: 6 V to 60 V
  • On-board 5 V low dropout (LDO) regulator
  • Selective buck or boost mode
  • Adjustable frequency from 50 kHz to 300 kHz
  • Programmable dead time control
  • Synchronization output or input with adjustable phase shift
  • Programmable maximum duty cycle
  • Maximum internal duty cycle: 97% 
  • Programmable soft start 
  • Peak hiccup current limit protection
  • Input voltage UVLO protection
  • Jumper for enable/shutdown control

Product Details

The ADP1974-EVALZ is an open-loop evaluation board that can be used to test the features of the ADP1974. The ADP1974 is a constant frequency, voltage mode, bidirectional synchronous pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller for buck or boost, dc-to-dc, battery charge and discharge applications. When connected to external, high voltage field effect transistors (FET); a half bridge driver; and an external control device, such as the AD8450-EVALZ, the ADP1974-EVALZ can be used to evaluate the ADP1974 in a complete closed-loop application.

The ADP1974-EVALZ can be used to test internal features such as precision enable, pin selective battery charge or recycle mode operation, internal and external frequency synchronization control with programmable phase shift, PWM duty cycle control, programmable maximum duty cycle, programmable dead time, and programmable peak hiccup current limit. Additional protection features that can be evaluated include soft start, input voltage undervoltage lockout (UVLO), fault signaling, and thermal shutdown (TSD).

Complete specifications for the ADP1974 are available in the ADP1974 data sheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with user guide UG-883 when using the evaluation board.

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