Features and Benefits

  • Complete TEC controller with integrated 3 A TEC driver
  • Operating voltage range: VIN = 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • TEC voltage and current operation monitoring
  • Independent TEC heating and cooling current-limit settings
  • Programmable maximum TEC voltage
  • External synchronization from 1.85 MHz to 3.25 MHz
  • 2.5 V reference output
  • Input for NTC thermistor connection
  • Output for TEC module wires
  • Disable jumper
  • 45 mm × 25 mm evaluation board size

Product Details

The ADN8835CP-EVALZ is a configurable evaluation board designed to work with various TEC modules and thermistors. The ADN8835, which is included on the evaluation board, delivers and controls bidirectional current through a TEC controller using two pairs of the complementary integrated MOSFETs in an H bridge configuration.

The TEC cooling and heating current limits are set to 3 A, and the maximum TEC voltage is programmed to 3.5 V using two on-board resistor dividers. The temperature setpoint circuit is optimized to work with a 10 kΩ negative thermal coefficient (NTC) thermistor. The on-board proportional integral differential (PID) compensation network components can be replaced by soldering different value components that match the temperature control loop characteristics with the thermal load to achieve the required response time and temperature stability. The cooling and heating TEC current limits and maximum TEC voltage setting can also be modified by changing the values of the corresponding components.

In addition, the board can be plugged into the ADN8835 base board, which has adjustable components for the tunable analog thermal PID network, the temperature setpoint, and the maximum TEC current and TEC voltage limits.

Full specifications on the ADN8835 are available in the ADN8835 data sheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when working with the evaluation board.


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