Features and Benefits

  • Switching power supply
  • Current sharing
  • Voltage feedback loop
  • Factory calibrated
  • On board tests for housekeeping functions
  • 12 V/2 A regulated output from 120 V input
  • SMBus serial interface to PC

Product Details

This evaluation board allows the ADM1041 to be quickly evaluated in a switching power supply application. Using the evaluation board and its accompanying software, the ADM1041 can be interfaced to any PC running Windows® 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP via the computer’s USB port.


The evaluation board allows all the input and output functions of the ADM1041 to be exercised without external components. The software allows control and monitoring of the ADM1041 internal registers. The board is set up for the ADM1041 to act as a switching power supply, outputting a 12 V/2 A dc supply from a 110 V ac or dc input. By connecting two evaluation boards together, you can exercise and evaluate the share bus and current sharing capability for n + 1 redundant power supply systems.

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