Product Details

ADL5367-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, Rogers 3003-based evaluation board. It requires a 5 V/97 mA or 3.3 V/56 mA power supply for normal operation. The power supply should be connected to the clip leads labeled VPOS and GND. All signal ports are populated with edge-mounted SMA connectors. RF-IN is the input port for down-converting evaluation, and the output port for up-converting evaluation. LO1_IN and LO2_IN are input ports for local oscillators. LO1_IN is enabled when the LOSEL clip lead is logic low. LO2_IN is enabled when LOSEL is pulled to logic high. IF1-OUT is the output port for up-converting evaluation, and the input port for up-converting evaluation. Power down feature is available for power supply at or under 3.6 V.