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ADL5246-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, FR408-based evaluation board. For operation, it requires a 5 V/500 mA power supply and two 3 V/100 mA power supplies. The variable gain amplifier (AMP2) is analog controlled and the 0 V to 3.3 V gain control pins maybe operated independently or in tandem. The internal bypass switch operates with a 3.3 V complementary logic. The LNA (AMP1), VGA (AMP2), and DRIVER (AMP3) can be individually biased using the test loops labeled VCC1, VPOS1, VPOS2, VCC3 and GND. VCC1 provides bias to the LNA (AMP1). VPOS1 and VPOS2 provide the bias for the VGA (AMP2). VPOS1 provides bias for the VGA amp circuit and VPOS2 provides bias to the internal VVAs and to the bias circuit of the DRIVER (AMP3). VPOS2 and VCC3 must be connected when operating the DRIVER. VPOS1 and VPOS2 are connected to an internal power plane via R6 and R7. Removing R6 and R7 allows VPOS1 and VPOS2 to be powered separately. A fully cascaded signal chain, an LNA driving the VGA, followed by the DRIVER, can be configured using the available resistor and capacitor pads.

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