Product Details

This documentation describes the ADE7758 evaluation kit Hardware and Software functionality. The evaluation board (watt/VA/VAR-hour meter) is configured via the parallel port of a PC. The data        interface between the evaluation board and the PC is fully isolated. Windows™ based software is provided with the evaluation board, which allows it to be quickly configured as an energy meter.

The ADE7754/ADE7758 evaluation board and this documentation, together with the ADE7758 data sheet, provide a complete evaluation platform for the ADE7758. The ADE7758 evaluation board can be configured by setting jumpers.

The evaluation board has been designed so that the ADE7758 can be evaluated in the end application, i.e., Energy Meter. Using the appropriate transducers on the current channels (e.g., CTs) the evaluation board can be connected to a test bench or high voltage (240 V rms) test circuit. On-board resistor divider networks provide the attenuation for the line voltages. This application note also describes how the current transducers should be connected for the best performance. The evaluation board requires two external 5 V power supplies (one is required for isolation purposes) and the appropriate current transducers.

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