Features and Benefits

  • Based on the ADAR2001 4-channel Frequency Multiplier/Filter
  • Controllable through SPI
  • Multiple forms of digital interface (3.3 V and 1.8 V logic)
  • On-board logic level translators with 1.8 V low dropout regulator for supply
  • Software control from a Windows-based PC through USB

Product Details

The ADAR2001-EVALZ evaluation board is designed for testing the performance of the ADAR2001. The ADAR2001 is a 4-channel 4x Frequency Multiplier/Filter designed for mmWave security imaging applications. All RF input/outputs are brought out to 2.92mm (K) coaxial connectors. On-board logic level translators convert between the external logic level and the on-chip level of 1.8V.

There is an Analog Devices System Demonstration Platform (SDP) connector which can be used in conjunction with an SDP controller board to manipulate the internal registers as well as cycle through the programmed modes of the two internal state machines.

The ADAR2001 has two integrated state machines, one for the Multiplier section and another for the Transmitter section. The sequencers are configured through the SPI, and can be used to quickly cycle through pre-programmed states. These sequencers can be exercised in one of two ways:

  1. External Advance and Reset Pins:

    • TxADV - Transmitter Advance (Pin 8)
    • TxRST - Transmitter Reset (Pin 9)
    • MADV - Multiplier Advance (Pin 10)
    • MRST - Multiplier Reset (Pin 11)
  2. SPI writes to the SEQUENCER_CTRL_SPI register (0x44)


  • mmW Imaging
  • mmW Security
  • mmW Medical
  • mmW Industrial
  • Wideband LO Multiplier/Distributor

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