Features and Benefits

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  • Simple power connection using 6 V wall adapter and on-board switching and LDO voltage regulator.
    Regulator easily bypassed for power measurements
  • 12 ac-coupled SMA output connectors
  • SMA input connections for:
    2 single-ended reference input
    Reference Monitor clock input
  • On-board provisions for two 25 MHz OCXOs, providing reference input signals
  • On-board PLL loop filter
  • Easy access to digital I/O and diagnostic signals via I/O header
  • Status LEDs for diagnostic signals
  • On-board shunt/jumper blocks for configuration of pin programmable functions

Product Details

The AD9574 evaluation board is a compact, easy-to-use platform for evaluating all features of the AD9574 clock generator.

Applicable Parts

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Evaluation Software

7.35 M
Evaluation Board USB Flash Programmer
Contains the EXE file for re-flashing the USB EEPROM.