Features and Benefits

  • Demonstrates Key Functions of DS33Z11 Ethernet Transport Chipset
  • On-Board DS2155 T1E1 SCT, DS3170 T3E3 SCT, Transformers, BNC Adapter, and RJ48 Network Connectors and Termination
  • Provides Support for Hardware and Software Modes
  • Device Driver Provides Automatic Configuration for T1, E1, T3, and E3 Modes
  • On-Board MMC2107 Processor and ChipView Software Provide Point-and-Click Access to the DS33Z11, DS2155, and DS3170 Register Sets
  • All DS33Z11 Interface Pins are Easily Accessible for External Data Source/Sink
  • LEDs for Loss-of-Signal, Queue Overflow, Ethernet Link, Tx/Rx, and Interrupt Status
  • Easy-to-Read Silkscreen Labels Identify the Signals Associated with All Connectors, Jumpers, and LEDs
  • Integrated Power-Supply Interfaces with 5.0V Wall Adapter

Product Details

The DS33Z11 demo kit is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the DS33Z11 Ethernet transport-over-serial link device. The DS33Z11DK contains an integrated Ethernet PHY and serial link. The serial link is complete with transceiver, transformers, and network connections. Maxim's ChipView software is provided with the demo kit, giving point-and-click access to configuration and status registers from a Windows®-based_PC. On-board LEDs indicate receive loss-of-signal, queue overflow, Ethernet link, Tx/Rx, and interrupt status.


  • Ethernet Delivery Over T1/E1/J1, T3/E3, OC-1/EC-1, G.SHDSL, or HDSL2/4
  • LAN Extension
  • Transparent LAN Service

Applicable Parts