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Demonstration circuit 976 is a Quadruple High Power LED Driver in Buck Mode featuring the LT3476EUHF. The LT3476 is a quad output, multitopology DC/DC converter designed to operate as a current source for driving high current LEDs. Each of the four regulators on the demo circuit is independently operated. The VIN power supply for the IC ranges from 2.8V to 16V. The PVIN power supply for the buck regulators ranges up to 33V.

On the demo circuit, the default current for each output channel is 350mA but it can be adjusted up to 1.05A via resistor dividers at the VADJ pins. The output current should not exceed the rated current of the LEDs used. If 1W LEDs, such as the Lumileds Luxeon LEDs, are used, 350mA current is the maximum. 1A output current is reserved for 3W LEDs, such as Luxeon III.

The input voltage is limited by the CAP pin overvoltage protection threshold. As a result, each channel of the demo circuit can drive up to 27V total LED voltage.

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