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Demonstration circuit DC3103A is a monolithic 4-Switch buck-boost voltage regulator featuring the LT3942. It has been designed with an output voltage set to 12V with capability of delivering up to 1A when the input voltage is between 7V and 36V. The demonstration circuit continues operating with an input voltage as low as 3V with reduced output power capability. DC3103A is configured for 2MHz switching frequency with spread spectrum frequency modulation (SSFM) disabled. When enabled, SSFM adjusts the switching frequency of the LT3942 between 2MHz and 2.5MHz for improved EMI performance.

The LT3942 has an operating input voltage range of 3V to 36V. It has internal, synchronous 40V switches for high efficiency and small size. It has an adjustable switching frequency between 300kHz and 2MHz. The LT3942 can by synchronized to an external oscillator source, programmed with SSFM enabled for low EMI, or set to normal operation.

The board is designed with ceramic capacitors placed near the PVIN and PVOUT pins to form a compact high frequency hotloop. SMD pads are available to install an optional ferrite bead EMI filter on both the input and output of DC3103A. Small cuts on the top layer copper between the SMD pads of both ferrite bead components are necessary to install the EMI filter correctly. These filters, combined with proper board layout and SSFM, are effective in reducing both radiated and conducted EMI. Please follow the recommended layout and four-layer PCB thickness of DC3103A for low EMI applications.

DC3103A uses the LT3942’s voltage regulation loop to program a constant-voltage output of 12V. The LT3942 can operate as a constant voltage regulator as well as a constant current regulator. For LED driver designs, please refer to demonstration circuit DC2404A. DC2404A includes a high-side PMOS disconnect switch to assist with PWM dimming, as well as several other optimizations for LED driver applications.

The LT3942 data sheet gives a complete description of the part, operation, and applications information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the User Guide for DC3103A. The LT3942EUFD is assembled in a 28-lead plastic QFN (UFD) package with a thermally-enhanced exposed ground pad. Proper board layout is essential for maximum thermal and low-noise performance. Refer to DC3103A’s design files files for recommended layout and routing of the LT3942 for voltage regulator applications.


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