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Demonstration circuit 2666A-A/2666A-B features the LTC7132, a wide input and output voltage range, high efficiency dual output polyphase DC/DC step-down regulator with sub-milliohm DCR sensing and digital power system management. This demo board is available in two versions: DC2666A-A is configured as 2-phase dual output, DC2666A-B is configured as 2-phase single output. Both versions operate over an input voltage range of 6V to 20V. The DC2666A-A factory default output voltage for both outputs are VOUT0 = 1V, VOUT1 = 1V with a 20A load current rating per channel. The DC2666A-B factory default output voltage is VOUT = 1V with a 40A load current rating. Both channels can deliver up to 25A maximum load current for each version.

The output voltages can be programmed from 0.6V up to 1.8V. Programming the output voltages to any value that is greater than 1.8V will require changes to the inductors, external DCR network component and may require the maximum output current to be derated based on thermal derating curves provided in the data sheet of LTC7132. The factory default switching frequency is preset at 425kHz typical. The DC2666A-A/DC2666A-B uses external inductors with extremely low DCR to demonstrate the part’s capability of provide excellent performance for submilliohm DCR current sense applications.

Both versions of DC2666A comes with PMBus interface and digital power system management functions. An onboard 12-pin connector is available for users to connect the DC1613A dongle to the demo board, which provides an easy way to communicate and program the part using LTpowerPlay® software development tool. LTpowerPlay software and I2C/PMBus/SMBus Dongle DC1613A allows users to monitor real time telemetry of input and output voltages, input and output current, switching frequency, internal IC die temperatures, external power component temperatures and fault logs. Programmable parameters include device address, output voltages, control loop compensation, switching frequency, phase interleaving, DCM or CCM Mode of operation, digital soft-start, sequencing and time based shut down, fault responses to input and output overvoltage, output overcurrent, IC die and power component overtemperatures.

The LTC7132 is available in a thermally enhanced, low profile 140-lead 9mm × 11.25mm × 2.22mm BGA package. It is recommended to read the data sheet and demo manual of LTC7132 prior to use or making any changes to DC2666A-A/DC2666A-B.

DC2666A-A: 6V ≤ VIN ≤ 20V; VOUT0/VOUT1 = 0.6V to 1.8V at 20A, 25A Peak

DC2666A-B: 6V ≤ VIN ≤ 20V; VOUT = 0.6V to 1.8V at 40A, 50A Peak

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