Features and Benefits

  • Allows all of the experiments from the Buck Converter Basics lab exercise to be performed without having to build the circuit on a breadboard.
  • Illustrates important concepts related to buck regulators
    • Inductor Ripple Current vs. inductance
    • Output ripple vs. output capacitance
    • Open-loop vs. closed loop operation
  • Compatible with Arduino Uno for demonstrating closed-loop operation and duty cycle vs. voltage relationships.

Product Details

The Buck Converter Basics Active Learning lab exercise demonstrates key concepts related to buck converters, but the circuits can be difficult to assemble with parts from the ADALP2000 parts kit. The ADALM-BUCK-ARDZ board allows all of the experiments from to be performed quickly and easily without having to build and debug the circuit on a breadboard.

Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • 0.1” jumper shunts

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