Features and Benefits

  • Ordering Code: AD-DPGIOZ
  • Compatibility: The DPGI/O is compatible with the AD9963-EBZ and AD9961-EBZ evaluation boards.
  • Software can be downloaded from the DPG Site.
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Product Details

The DPGI/O provides pattern generation and receiving capabilities to compliment several evaluation boards from Analog Devices. The DPGI/O connects to a PC over USB, and allows a user to download a vector from their PC into the DPGI/O’s internal memory, or to receive a vector from an evaluation board and transfer it to the PC.

Analog Devices' pattern generator/receivers and evaluation boards are designed and sold solely to support an efficient and thorough means by which to evaluate Analog Devices components in a lab environment for a wide range of end applications. Any application or use of the pattern generators and/or evaluation boards, other than specified above, will not be supported.

Applicable Parts