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This evaluation board is obsolete and no longer recommended.

This evaluation board provides access to the digital serial audio ports of the ADAU1452, as well as some of its general purpose I/O. Analog I/O is provided by the included AD1938 codec. The ADAU1452 core is controlled by Analog Devices, Inc., SigmaStudio™ software, which interfaces to the board via a USB connection. The board is powered by a 6 V DV supply, which is regulated to the voltages required on the board. The printed circuit board (PCB) is a 4-layer design, with a single ground plane and a single power plane on the inner layers. The board contains connectors for external analog inputs and outputs and optical S/PDIF interfaces. The master clock is provided by the integrated oscillator circuit and on-board 12.288 MHz passive crystal.

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