Analog Devices SmartMesh embedded products are the industry's lowest power and most reliable standards-based wireless sensor networking (WSN) products. SmartMesh products are field proven, with thousands of customer networks deployed in 120 countries. By delivering >99.999% data reliability in tough RF environments, SmartMesh wireless mesh networks are entrusted by industrial IoT solution providers to deliver critical sensor and control data reliably for many years without requiring intervention.

Reliable Wireless Sensor Network Streamlines Manufacturing Operations

Reliable Wireless Sensor Network Streamlines Manufacturing OperationsSmartMesh IP embedded wireless mesh networks deliver >99.999% data reliability and ultra-low power in rugged industrial environments. For example, ADI’s semiconductor wafer facility in Silicon Valley installed a SmartMesh IP wireless sensor network to streamline manufacturing operations by monitoring gas cylinder levels to proactively schedule replenishment and ensure uninterrupted supply. The installation was non-disruptive and fit within tight space constraints, providing real-time data which reduced downtime and helped with future capacity planning.

SmartMesh IP

SmartMesh IP™ Solutions

For most Industrial/Commercial WSN applications
For compliance to the 6LoWPAN standard


SmartMesh WirelessHart

SmartMesh WirelessHART Solutions

For interoperability with WirelessHART field devices/sensors


SmartMesh IP Starter Kit

All the tools for evaluating SmartMesh® network performance. Highly reliable, ultra-low power, scalable, and easy to install. Accelerate device integration and application software development.

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SmartMesh IP Starter Kit


Structural Health Monitoring with SmartMesh

See how SmartMesh® IP transceivers and Analog Devices next-generation accelerometers measure tilt and impact events and monitor the health of structures.

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